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Furuno Navnet 3D Using the Display Part 4 (Full HD)

Furuno Navnet 3D: Using Your Display (Part 4) from PSICOMPANY.COM. Call 1-800-826-2907 for free answers to questions....

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This (5 Video) Furuno Navnet 3D training video series includes:
1. An Overview of the Display Elements (or user interface) of the Furuno Navnet 3D System, showing the versatality and adaptability of the Furuno Navnet 3D Marine Electronics Displays.
2. How The Furuno "Rotokey" functions in relation to the Furuno Navnet 3d System, showcasing the simplicity in opertaion.
3. Accessing and using multifunction windows in Furuno Navnet 3D, and reverting to default operator settings.
4. Compaing the attributes tof the Furuno MFD8, Furuno MFD12, and Furuno MFDBB (Black Box) navnet 3D Systems.

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